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About Me

Computer information systems, technology, electric vehicles, coding and programming

Mustang getting hacked at recent Auto-ISAC conference I attended in Detroit, MI
Center for Auto Research team on stage while in Traverse City, MI
General Motors HQ

John Keller

I currently am attending the University of Louisville as a member of the Brown Fellows Program. This is my greatest achievement thus far, and it has motivated me in my studies of Computer Information Systems and in life. I have always been into the automotive industry, and recently started a blog called Auto Digest. My aim is to spend my career in the auto industry, integrating my CIS studies to make the roads more enjoyable for drivers and the environment.

Current focus within CIS at Louisville is cybersecurity and data analytics, and may add on either web development or a marketing/entrepreneurship minor.

Skills – C#, SQL, HMTL, CSS, Excel, Access, Writing, Content development, Project Management, Linux


Product Concierge at Mercedes of Louisville

Author of the Auto Digest

Full-time CIS student

Recruitment Chair for Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Past Experiences

Events and Marketing Assistant at the Center for Automotive Research
(May 2022 – August 2022)

Worked with the events and marketing team to organize and promote MBS. MBS is the largest automotive conference of the summer, held annually in Traverse City, MI.

While in this position I also managed the organizational social media accounts and developed a content strategy that received twice the engagement of typical posts. Going beyond my ordinary job duties, I assisted the research staff with analysis of electric vehicle strategy from GM and Ford that was later presented to union leaders from multiple companies from multiple states.

This position gave me event planning and management skills, and exposed me to the inner workings of the automotive supply chain and industry.

Product Concierge at Mercedes-Benz of Louisville
(Dec 2020 – May 2022)
Mix of customer service, tech support, and sales staff advising on product information and functionality. Also assisted marketing team with online material and have delivered over 430 vehicles since December of 2020 for the store.

Demonstrated an average of 2.6 cars to clients daily, with customer satisfaction scores improving over the course of my time there.

Founder and writer at Auto Digest
(April 2022 – Present)
I started my own Automotive industry blog where I can write about anything I want! Topics include electric vehicles, automotive software, supply chain analysis, and general takes on the industry. A creative outlet where I can (hopefully) educate those interested around me.